GAIMCrypt 0.91 - Secure Instant Messaging for GAIM

This plugin will allow you to add encryption to conversations had on GAIM. By default, it uses RC4 128 bit encryption, but since it links in the openssl crypto libs, you could create a plugin that secures using any cipher you please.


Get the source:

To compile this plugin, you'll need the gaim source tree( and the crypto lib from openssl ( Modify the makefile for to point to the right directories, run make, and it should create a Load this into GAIM.

Precompiled .so for linux

You can get a precompiled .so file here:


GAIMCrypt adds a <A NAME=GAIMCRYPT></A> to the beginning of every message that you send. If someone that you're communicating with also has the plugin, the plugin will see that tag when the first message is sent, and will automatically begin the handshaking process for secure communication. A new key is generated at the start of your gaim session.

If the person on the other side disconnects and reconnects, the first message sent from the other side will not be protected, and any messages you send will be encrypted, but unreadable. Encryption will begin as soon as the other side sends a message to you.


This was done fairly quickly. I'm sure there's a few things that could be added. If you add anything, or have any comments, feel free to send them to me at

Finally, this crap should be a standard part of AIM and all implementing apps.


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